Everything that is still worth will be repaired.

Since 2017 a major contribution to the environment.

About iNils

The goal would be to carry out repairs with exclusively recycled original components... help achieve this goal for cheaper and more environmentally friendly repairs by handing over your defective or old devices to iNils.

Service and retail

Since the end of 2020, the retail (workplace) in Fuchs & Specht has been closed due to private changes. It was replaced by something way more flexible and innovative: the iNils ServiceBox. iNils can still be found by agreement and all previous services will be continued in full.


The ServiceBox simply offers the previous service of iNils even better, more flexible and easier. All you have to do is contact iNils, you get an offer and then you get a 4-digit code to deposit the device when it suits you best.


iNils is also happy to repair devices that you emotionally attach to it! Some customers have already come with table lamps, toaster, clothes dryer, laminator and much more, which could be repaired. You are welcome to make a request via the contact form.

The goals of iNils

Recycling has been in focus since the beginning, but we are still far from the goal.

Contact iNils

You are welcome to ask questions about a repair, offer or simply general questions.


By letting repair your device, together we can do something good for our environment.

¹ Sofern nichts anderes mittgeteilt wird.